Avant Garde Techniques

This section is devoted to experimental techniques for those songwriters who want to push the boundaries of their sound. But you might find them fun and rewarding even if you’re not interested in the avant garde.

Approaching songwriting in strange and even random ways can generate ideas, bits of melodies, harmonies, and textures that you wouldn’t have created otherwise. You can take these results and try to build them into a more conventional song. This is a challenging exercise, and one that might help you develop interesting songs you wouldn’t have written following your normal methods.

Experimentation for its own sake can be worthwhile, but there’s another way to look at it: through experimentation you can discover new musical materials to integrate into your current (more conventional) approach. Plus, it’s fun.  I’m curious to see what readers will come up with in applying these techniques.

1. Recording Blind

2. Composition by Subtraction

3. Polymeter

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