Results for “I (The Home Chord)”

Here are some responses to the challenge to write a song using only the C major chord.  You can read about the idea here.
NOTE: Your submissions do not need to have a title, though you are free to include one.


Chip Withrow – Take Time To…


Nadia Cripps – Your Lullaby


Shelley Miller – Missing


Brad Brubaker – Unfailing


Cheekmeat – I’m at Ease


RC – Life Goes On and On

How to Submit

Throughout this site I ask for readers to submit the songs they’ve come up with in applying my exercises (they can be found in the Reader Submissions section).  

Submitting is simple. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Tell me which exercise you followed.
  2. Don’t worry about recording quality.
  3. For most exercises, lyrics can be nonsense. “Da da da” is fine.
  4. Song fragments are fine.
  5. Include a link to your music website if you want me to link to it.

I’m currently improving the submission system, so in the meantime either send a link to your downloadable mp3 to organizingsound> or send the mp3 itself (if it’s under 20mb).