Results for “I (The Home Chord)”

Here are some responses to the challenge to write a song using only the C major chord.  You can read about the idea here.
NOTE: Your submissions do not need to have a title, though you are free to include one.


Chip Withrow – Take Time To…


Nadia Cripps – Your Lullaby


Shelley Miller – Missing


Brad Brubaker – Unfailing


Cheekmeat – I’m at Ease


RC – Life Goes On and On

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John Thomas Mumm has been writing and studying music since 1997. He has recorded hundreds of songs and five self-produced albums. His day job is as an academic philosopher, and in his spare time he writes fiction and brews beer. Most recently, he's started studying the fine art of the cocktail. So far he's finding that the principles of balance in drink mixing aren't completely unrelated to the principles of balance in songwriting.

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